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Enterprise-class reliability, performance and manageability in a flexible, standards-based environment.


Licensing Options for EAServer Advanced Edition and Two-Phase Commit Option:

  • CPU License Model:  With the CPU License Model, the entire machine is licensed for internal and external users regardless of the number of processors on which the software is installed or running.  All cores/processors on the machine must be licensed.  The License Types available for EAServer with the CPU model include the CPU License (CP), CPU Development and Testing License (DT) and CPU Standby License (SF).   
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one CP, DT or SF License for each physical processor/core on the machine.   
    • Examples:
      • Single-core machine example: To license 2 single-core machines with 4 single-core processor CPU's, 8 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 4 cores each).
      • Multi-core machine example: To license 2 multi-core machines with 4 dual-core processor CPU's, 16 CP licenses must be purchased (2 machines x 8 cores each).
    • Notes: 
      • Development & Testing (DT) license is for testing configurations ONLY, not deployment to production. This is not intended as a replacement for Sybase EAServer - Developer Edition, but rather to allow customers to set up a test environment for EAServer applications. Development & Testing (DT) licenses should be purchased separately, and cannot be converted to production licenses later.

Licensing Options for EAServer Workgroup Edition:

  • Standalone Seat: The Standalone Seat License (SS) permits the use of a copy of the Program for creation of applications on one Seat, a single workstation on which the program resides. 
    • Purchasing Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one SS License for each workstation EAServer will run on.
    • Notes:
      • Sybase EAServer Workgroup Edition licenses an unlimited number of seats accessing EAServer installed on a single machine and running no more than 2 CPUs (cores/processors).  

For more information on Sybase License Models or License Types, go to Sybase License Info or License Definitions.

For more information on EAServer product-specific terms, go to Product Specific License Terms


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