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Industry Warehouse Studio

An out-of-the-box packaged data warehouse infrastructure.

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    Code Sample - Sybase
  • Tutorial: Using Visual C# to Access a SOAP/DISH Web Service
    This tutorial illustrates how to create a Visual C# client application to access SOAP/DISH services on a SQL Anywhere web server.
  • Using .NET Synchronization Logic
    This tutorial guides you through the basic steps for using .NET synchronization logic.
  • Introduction to MobiLink
    This tutorial shows you how to develop a MobiLink application, including setting up the consolidated database, creating ODBC data sources and remote databases, and configuring database objects to fine-tune your application.
  • Tutorial: Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework with SQL Anywhere
    This tutorial demonstrates SQL Anywhere's capability to retrieve data from an ADO.NET entity data model (EDM) using the following methods: binding controls to data source objects, EntityClient provider, object services, and LINQ to entities.
  • Writing Scripts and Monitoring Synchronizations
    This tutorial covers migrating consolidated database schemas to remote databases, writing basic synchronization scripts, conflict detection and resolution, and monitoring synchronizations.
  • Updating data in SQL Anywhere with PHP
    This code sample shows how to update data in a SQL Anywhere database with PHP.
  • JSON Web Services Sample
    This sample uses the SQL Anywhere demo database to return a list of employees in JSON format and display it in the Internet browser.
  • Embedded Full-Text Search Sample
    This sample demonstrates how to set up full-text search in SQL Anywhere 11 and illustrates how the new CONTAINS clause is used to perform the search.
  • MobiLink Synchronization with MySQL
    This tutorial outlines the steps that are required to set up MobiLink synchronization with MySQL 5.0. SQL Anywhere 11 supports MySQL 5.0 as a consolidated database under Windows x86/x64 and Linux x86. This tutorial is for Windows.
  • MobiLink File Transfer
    This sample illustrates synchronization of binary data from the MobiLink synchronization server down to a remote database.

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